DIM Cave
HISTORY Dim Cave is 145 km from Antalya, the tourism center on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, and 11 km from Alanya. away. The cave is 232 m above sea level and is located on the western slope of the 1691 m high Cebel Reis Mountain. From Alanya, Dim Cave can be reached via Kestel, Dim Çay valley and Tosmur via asphalt roads. Dim Cave has been known since ancient times and some of it was used as a shelter by the local people. The measurements were made and revealed by cave scientists in 1986. MAGTUR A.S. In order to bring this cave to tourism, it rented it from the state in 1996 and completed the construction and lighting projects inside and outside the cave in a period of more than a year, and opened it in September 1998. Dim Cave is the first cave opened to tourism by a private enterprise in Turkey.